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Magnetic Water Conditioner for Home, Pool, Spa, & Koi Ponds
How Does the Tormec Work?

Probably the single most often question asked of our web-site.

By now you already have decided that you would like to improve your water quality, and not damage the environment with soduim discharge's that have been proven to be harmful to our environment.

Here is how our system is designed to work;

Water is a "carrier vessel" of hard water minerals due to the naturally equal ionic (electric) charge between the minerals and the water. The minerals dissolve in the earth and are transmitted by the water to all parts of the internal surface of the plumbing where they scrape along to re-crystalize and reform the hard rock scale (A). This scaling is naturally progressed at all heating surfaces in the water heater.

When water is magnetically charged, it electrically takes on a greater ionic charge than the minerals which creates a natural magnetic attraction between the two. The magnetization then attracts and locks the dissolved minerals into the water creating healthy and cost free descaling (B).

Softening and better taste occurs from an actual reduction in the size of the water molecule. It is similar to a bucketful of rocks the size of pebbles versus the size of sand. The pebbles will bang around like rocks while the sand will pour like water. The small magnetized water molecule has a greater solvency and a magnetic attraction that results in cleaner bathing and washing which cleans and washes like soft water. This saves on soaps, shampoos, and detergents. The smaller molecular size also has less evaporitive surface area which magnetically and dramatically reduces the gases and foul taste of sulfur, chlorine and fluoride, etc.

Acid neutralization occurs from the physical restructuring of the water molecule. The acid taste is reduced while the copper leaching is stopped and the green acid stains eventually and completely wash away.


What makes more sense than improving your water quality
without damaging the environment?

Save more money - Salt Free Soft Water
"Just What the Doctor Ordered"